What types of Office Furniture can you buy?

What types of Office Furniture can you buy?

We will be discussing a range of office furniture from chairs, tables and desks to pedestals, cupboards and cabinets. All of these products come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours which will be discussed further. Funding your furniture on a certain budget level should not compromise on the quality, style or design.

There are several types of office furniture. The most common type of furniture found is desks and chairs. When it comes to choosing a certain design of furniture, it all depends on the type of environment one is trying to create for their office. It is also important to choose the right type of furniture as this affects the reputation of a business, furthermore the productivity and mental well being of a team will also need to be taken into consideration.


Types of Office Furniture

Office Desks

Office desks will vary among different functions. Executive desks won’t work in the same way as a reception desk or corner standing desks won’t look the same as an executive desk. It is a very important part of building an office by searching for a variety of office desks which suit different needs and requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you have a wooden or glass deck as most of the common furniture types will fit all kinds of offices.

Different types of office desks include: Executive Desks, Height Adjustable Desks, Computer Desks, Managerial Desks and Writing Desks.

Executive Desks

These desks can be found in different designs or styles. A suitable design of this type of desk for an individual will be dependent on the tasks or functions they have to carry out.

Height Adjustable Desks

As suggested in the name itself, the height of these desks can be easily adjusted. They are most suited to those individuals who mostly stand whilst working or are in a customer service/facing profession. One must ensure these desks are built sturdy enough for them and there is a solid mechanism in place for the constant changing of the height of it.

Computer Desks

All of an individual’s electronic technology and gadgets can be kept in one place. These desks usually have plenty of space to put other items on and are available in many designs where you can have a pull out keyboard tray which comes in handy for those using a desktop or monitor.

Managerial Desks

These desks are mainly utilised by those in a managerial or supervising role in the business. The style or design of the desk is dependent on the nature of the work carried out and this will determine where those desks are positioned in the work place, be it a meeting room or in the office of a senior manager.

Writing Desks

These are usually known as composing desks which are found in many styles and designs. You won’t find any features on these types of desks as they usually have a smooth surface which is clear for an individual to focus on their work. They provide plenty of space to focus on work and with many styles and designs, an individual can choose their own preference which suits their own personal taste.

 Office Furniture

Office Chairs

When taking into consideration what type of office chair you would need, individuals need to understand the design, size and style they would want. Most chairs are built ergonomically to a certain standard and with the comfort of the end user in mind. Chairs can enhance the look of an office and can make an impression on employees and new or existing clients. They should be made of a material which provides comfort to an individual and does not alter their posture.

There are many different types of office chairs: operators, meeting, ergonomic, executive and stools.

Operators Chairs

Operator’s chairs which are also called task chairs are suitable for those who want to sit for long durations. They will have adjustable parts including an armrest, height mechanism and a five star wheel base. They will also have built in lumbar support.

Meeting Chairs

Individuals who use meeting chairs will only use them for short duration of time. They are designed in a way so that they are comfortable to be used throughout the duration of a meeting. They are styled and designed in a certain way as they uphold a company’s reputation during the visit of internal and external stakeholders.

Ergonomic Chairs

When companies take an employee or clients well being or comfort into consideration then ergonomic chairs are a great option. They provide adequate lumbar support for those who sit for long periods to ensure the correct posture is utilised with many features including adjustable height, headrest and armrest.

Executive Chairs

The premium features and smooth materials used make executive chairs very comfortable compared to the others discussed above. They include built in wheels, padded armrests and adjustable back rests which make them ergonomic and a great choice for companies to use.


Stools are a great choice for individuals who are both standing or sitting while working, offering that flexible choice to them. They are an option built for style so aren’t the best to use for those who want comfort and are used mainly in breakout areas in organisations.


Office Tables

Similar to office chairs, office desks come in all shapes, sizes and designs which give the user a very wide range and variety to choose from. Other considerations need to be taken including how big a room the table will be put into or how much space do you want the table to take up in a certain space. Having the accurate measurements of a table will be the starting point before placing it in an office so that considerations can be put in place as to how an individual would want to organise the rest of the area.


Storage Cupboards and Units

Storage cupboards and units are a very crucial part of an office for an organisation as they can help to file away important documentation. You can also get lockable storage units which are a huge advantage as they can help to stop important information getting into the wrong hands or away from an organisation. There are many styles and designs including wooden or metallic units which will look styles and keep the office looking neat and tidy with cluttered documents filed away inside.


Filing Cabinets and Pedestals

In the current technological and information age, many files and documents are now kept online and also backed up on other software. However, some companies may need to keep a hard copy of files in a safe and secure location. This is where pedestals and filing cabinets come in handy and help an organisation to keep these safe and filed away with easy access when needed.


In Summary

Having reached this stage of this write up you will now be aware that there are many types of office furniture which are available to all. Regardless of if you are focussing on the well being, comfort or ergonomic design; there are many options to consider, for example ergonomic desks and meeting chairs.

One consideration to take into account is the budget one may have, although having a tight budget won’t compromise on quality all of the time as you could always buy furniture second hand which provides a worthwhile option.

Next Steps to Take

If you would like any further information or are looking to purchase any of these products listed above, then head over to My Home Furniture and look at the wide range and variety of options listed.

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